“The Reinvention of the Chicken Coop”

by Authors, Matthew Wolpe and Kevin McElroy.
Thursday, May 1, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm
Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library

Blanchard Room~~315 East 14th Street, Davis, CA

Host: Dorothy Peterson

The authors provide 14 complete building plans for chicken coops that range from the purely functional to the outrageously fabulous. Complete step-by-step building plans are accompanied by full-color photographs and detailed construction illustrations. Why settle for functional when you can have fabulous? Your backyard chickens need a coop to call home, and you want a structure that not only keeps your hens safe and comfortable, but also looks great. You’ll be delighted by this collection of 14 contemporary designs, including the simple Chick-in-a-Box, a Modern Log Cabin, the multi-use Kippen House Garden Roof Chicken Coop, and the intriguing Coopsicle. Choose the one that’s perfect for your home and yard and then build it yourself with the complete step-by-step instructions. Your chickens will love it, and you’ll love what the structure adds to your property! ~~Books will be available for purchase and be personalized by authors upon entering or leaving the presentation.

“Backyard Chicken Diseases and Diagnostics”

Aslı Mete, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVP
Thursday, May 8, 2014 4-6pm
University of California Campus at California Animal
Health and Food Safety (CAHFS)
John E. Thurman, Jr. 620 W. Health Sciences Drive

Host: Davis Farm to School

4-5 pm Tour, 5-6 pm Talk on backyard chicken diseases and diagnostics NOTE….This tour is most beneficial for 10 persons, we will have either two half-hour tours or one longer tour depending on the number of interested individuals. Reservations need to be made in advance: 530-219-5859 or info@davisfarmtoschool.org I am a veterinary pathologist and Assist. Prof. at the Davis branch of the state diagnostic laboratory system “California Animal Health and Food Safety” (CAHFS) at UC Davis. We will meet at the diagnostic laboratory located on west campus. After a tour of the lab where we will walk through to see the scientific sections at work, I will give an overview presentation of our testing and diagnostic capacities, followed by some backyard chicken disease data and the most common causes of mortality. All will be an open to discussion session with sharing of experiences. ADDITIONAL NOTE…. there will be images of dead chickens when they are opened up to investigate the cause of death during this presentation.

“Around the World with Chickens”

with Dr. David Bunn of UC Davis
Thursday, May 15, 2014~~6:30-8:30pm
Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library

Blanchard Room~~315 East 14th Street, Davis, CA
Host: Asli Mete

The amazing chicken is critical for women’s income and food security of poor rural families in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Improving chicken health and increasing egg production among the poorest of the poor is David’s passion. An African woman may earn 30 percent or more of her annual income from the sale of eggs and chickens. David and his African colleagues have trained veterinary extension staff, women farmers groups, community animal health workers, and now grade school children to vaccinate chickens and improve husbandry. The results have dramatically increased chicken and egg production: providing critical nutrition for families and income from sales. The increase income from chickens, has enabled families pay school fees for the first time for their children, put a tin roof on their homes and pay for emergency health clinic visits. Come hear why chickens and the eggs they provide are a key component in preventing malnutrition and a first step out of poverty for millions of families throughout the developing world.

“POW-Poultry Owners Workshop: Sponsored by Purina Mills Animal Nutrition”

Angela Cramer, a 13 year Sales Specialist with Purina Mills Animal Nutrition, Cal Poly Alumni and Registered Veterinary Technician.
Thursday, May 22, 2014 6:30-8:30pm
Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library

Blanchard Room~~315 East 14th Street, Davis, CA
Host: Kymberliegh Smith

Come join us for a Poultry Owners Workshop! Topics with include breed selection, nutrition, health issues and flock management. For more than 100 years Purina Mills® has been helping people raise poultry. Poultry feeds were among the very first products we sold. For fresh eggs to farm-raised chickens, our customers have always depended on us to provide products that would help ensure the health and well-being of their flocks. Through the years they’ve looked to Purina Mills for quality feeds, value, and of course, optimum production. Since the establishment of the Purina Mills® Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri in 1926, our nutritionists have been conducting extensive studies in poultry feeding and management. That commitment to provide the very best in poultry nutrition continues today. As a result of our latest efforts we have developed a line of natural premium poultry feeds specifically designed for family flocks. We call it SunFresh® Recipe, because nothing but the highest quality sun-grown grains and plant proteins go into these poultry feeds. That means your birds receive the safe, healthy goodness and fresh taste they deserve.

“A Farm to School Stroll in the Country”

Robyn Waxman and family will tour visitorsat FARM 2.6 (FARM Davis) Chicken Skool
Saturday, May 24, 2014 10am-3pm
Farm 2.6
25450 County Road 95

located opposite Yolo County Airport

HOST: Robyn Waxman, Bill Miller, Sophia Waxman

Everyone participating in Tour de Cluck is invited to tour FARM 2.6 (FARM Davis). FARM 2.6 is a working farm and part of a non-profit network of free farms, building community through sustainable farming of public and private space, assisting low-income and homeless populations, and integrating local and real food into mainstream culture and education. FARM 2.6 (a nod to the acreage size of the land) is a center of bustling farm activity, housing 12 working hens, 2 sheep, a small horse, and barn cat. Hundreds of FARMers work year-round to provide thousands of pounds of eggs, vegetables, and fruit each year to Davis Community Meals and Cesar Chavez Plaza—two non-profit organizations that serve low-income and homeless populations in Davis. We offer second grade farm tours though Yolo Farm to Fork’s Davis Farm to School Program. We partner with the Davis Food Coop and Davis Joint Unified School District to empower both children and adults to grow food, embrace generosity, and to serve their community. Enjoy this unique farm setting at the beginning or the end of the Tour de Cluck Coop Loops. This small farm will be open to visitors for 30 minute tours. After biking the coop loops, take time to bike or enjoy a car ride into the county. Our FARM 2.6 Residents: Hens (in pecking order) Sheep Nibbles—Hampshire/Suffolk mix Sheep Snowball- Delaware Mr. Lyle Socks- Suffolk/Hampshire mix Sheep Happy- Buff Orpington Blackie- Black Sex Linked Horse~~Wildfire- Quarter Horse/Arabian Brownie- Rhode Island Red Crème Brule- Rhode Island Red Barn Cat ~~Luna- Fuzzy and black Pidgie- Rhode Island Red mix Olive- Black Sex Linked Houdini- Black Sex Linked Chip- Black Sex Linked Dorothy- Black Sussex Henrietta- Black Sussex Gertrude- Black Sussex

“Chickens + Feed = Eggs + Manure!”

by UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners.
Saturday, May 24, 2014 10:30am & 12:30pm
Central Park Gardens
Near the vegetable beds along B Street next to Davis Farmers Market, Davis, CA

Host: Central Park Gardens

Composted chicken manure can make a great fertilizer if it’s handled properly. Receive step-by-step instructions on how to compost chicken manure to benefit your garden. Central Park Gardens are managed and lovingly tended by community volunteers to demonstrate sustainable gardening practices to home gardeners. Be sure to also check out the live chicken exhibit and plant sale in the gardens 9 am to 11 am – FFA Chickens and Garden Art – throughout Central Park Gardens Ellie Michel, FFA and Agricultural Education Teacher at Davis Sr. High School, has made special arrangements for three live and lovely “ladies” and student-created recycled metal garden art to join in on the fun for the viewing pleasure of visitors to the gardens. Look for the “ladies” in shady spots in the garden with eggs sitting atop the cages to match the producer. 9 am to noon – Plant Sale – south end of Central Park Gardens If chickens are too much work for you, consider taking home a drought tolerant “hen-and-chicks” (Echeveria ‘Imbricata’) succulent from the Central Park Gardens plant sale. Other drought-tolerant succulents and the magnificent tower of jewels plant will also be available for purchase. Proceeds from the sale will contribute to the ongoing expansion and maintenance of the gardens.

“Be Your Backyard Bird’s Wingman, in Health and Disease”

Dr. Maurice Pitesky of UCD Veterinary School & Cooperative Extension

“Pampering your Poultry”

Overview of Resources for your Chickens at UC and
Dr. Nancy Sinai of UCD Veterinary School

“Biosecurity and your birds: how to prevent diseases from getting into your poultry”

Thursday, May 29, 2014 6:30 to 8:30pm
Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library, Blanchard Room
315 East 14th Street, Davis, CA

Host:  Brianne Bradford

The School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California is respected around the world. This presentation was purposely scheduled after the 5th annual Tour de Cluck to provide answers to individuals who are potentially planning a backyard chicken experience. You are encouraged to bring questions and ideas to explore with these professionals in the field. The doctors will provide practical information about poultry health, with implications for human health. Topics will include diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common diseases of chickens, as well as food safety. In addition, poultry resources at UC Davis helpful for backyard flock owners will be highlighted. Anyone with backyard birds or with an interest in backyard birds should find this presentation useful.