Thank You for a Wonderful Event!

The 2014 Tour de Cluck had beautiful kickoff weather at  the US Bicycling Museum. There was music, poetry, chicken speechifying, courageous clucksters of all ages and crowd participation in the beloved Chicken Dance (da da dadadada da da).  The mostly bicycle-powered Coop Crawlers were treated to a variety of innovative, fun and amazing coops that were integrated into inspiring backyard gardens.  We saw a homemade custom coop shared between two neighbors, a repurposed playhouse coop, a dad-built coop, “Chicken Itza,” chicken AND bee-keeping, a peep-able brooding box, custom egg-collecting chutes and a special chicken curtain. As always, free educational “Chicken Skool” events and special “Fowl Food” dishes in restaurants helped boost the chicken spirit around Davis throughout May.

Many thanks to our generous coop hosts, our volunteers, sponsors, chicken suit wearers and all of you participants for making Tour de Cluck a success!

We are now brooding over our clutch of ideas for next year so keep checking our website and Facebook pages for updates, merchandise and how to get involved for 2015.

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